SUCCESSFUL GRILOVAČKY WITH HUMOR MUSIC - again on sale. The traditional barbecue in front of the visitor's guest is a popular attraction for visitors ...

Seasonal menu - Duck and goose feast

We invite you to the new Seasonal menu Autumn - Winter in the Restaurant of the Greta Koliba hotel

Homemade herbal teas in the Grétka restaurant

Store your teas according to your own taste and imagination.


Hot food delivery - Hotel Koliba Gréta

Hotel Koliba Greta makes a priskumhusta snack and mainly food with delivery 5 euros socially disadvantaged groups and retired 3.50 .... personal collection ...

Valentine MENU at Koliba Greta

Friday 14.2. and Saturday 15.2. we have prepared Valentine's menu for you. If you want to do something nice for your half, please book a table for ...

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