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Koliba Gréta
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Summer menu from 08/10/2015

We invite you to enjoy summer menu with seasonal ingredients mainly from our region. Every day from 08.10 The restaurant Koliba Greta ***

Tasting summer menu and wines + PARTY on NEW TERRACE

In Friday, 6.12 The unique gourmet event took place. This time, our chefs tasting menu to integrate, and exclusive dishes from the grill.

Summer menu from 06/27/2015

We invite you to enjoy summer menu with seasonal ingredients mainly from our region. Every day from 06.27 The restaurant Koliba Greta ***

Štrbské Press at Koliba

Štrbské Presso into a stylish mug and get in Restaurant Koliba Greta. Coffee can be enjoyed by us or buy it home. It is a unique coffee, but more have ...

sausage SCHOOL

Saturday 04.25.2015 at 10:00 Hotel Koliba Greta - Picnic meadow - Make your abattoir specialties according to your own taste. Finished products will Zauda ...


See how we have had here over the Easter holidays :)

WE Samay NEW!

The interior decoration of the hotel Koliba Greta. Look how it will look new reception and upcoming wine cellar for 200 liters of fine wines.

As we tasted SPRING MENU

03.13.2015 at Koliba held a unique gourmet event. Learn how we tasted menu dishes and fine wines while listening Ostrožovič SAX & DJ Project

Have your say and win a dinner

Every day we strive to improve the quality of our services. We are preparing a new menu, so we want to ask what you are currently on our menu is missing? ...

Valentine's Day candlelight dinner

Such a romantic evening we prepared for our guests

Slovak maidens in costume to try freefall

Today we tried the only wind tunnel in Slovakia and it was worth it! HURRICANE FACTORY KOLIBA GRETA + = great experience --- Below you will also find video

As we celebrate the New Year together

It's incredible, but 10 days is 2015

Mr. and Mrs. MARSDEN

beautiful English-Slovak wedding with us :)

Grandma's Christmas menu

Taste of Christmas specialties such as your grandma

Mr.and Mrs.Jurista

Successful wedding with us

Mr.and Mrs.Diacik

Although small, but beautiful wedding

Mr.and Mrs.Carfora

Beautiful jabĺčková ...


Cradle for our new pier has grown :)

TOP Liptov ALREADY including mobile

New application for our visitors!


Join us freshen up on hot summer days!

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