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Greta night run through Kvačianska valley



We invite you to a great event - Greta Night Run by Kvačianska Valley Presentation, evaluation and entertainment will be at the Greta Chalet. We will also offer discounted accommodation. So do not hesitate and register.

Greta NIGHT BEH Kvačianska valley

Friday 20.9.2019

Presentation to 17:00 Koliba Greta - Liptovská Sielnica

Start at 18:00 - The mouth of Kvacianska valley - turn Oblazy-Mlyny - Finish of the mouth of Kvacianska valley

Register by 15.9.2019 at

Discounted accommodation for participants: 0911 897 078

Price money 100 - 80 - 50 € in each of 5 categories
Goulash and Disco afterparty in Greta Barn included
+ TOMBOLA: skialpinist equipment for 1000 €

The great atmosphere will be ensured and runners will be encouraged by Saxana Sapiet for her live saxophone show with DJ Cyprus

Vertical drop 170 meters
Distance 7 km
Entry fee 12 €

Download the propositions HERE

Click on the poster for print version - Support this project and post this poster wherever you can.


Organizer: Liptov Olympic Club,
Co-organizer: oz SKIALPOVO, Mountain Rescue Service West Tatras-South
Date: September 20, 2019 (Friday) start at 6 pm opening of the Kvačianska valley
Place: Kvacianska valley - Choc Mountains, Liptovsky Mikulas district
Org. committee: race director: PhDr. Roman Králik
Registrar: Andrej Škovran
main referee: Mgr.Tibor Pelach
marshals: Ján Bella, Mgr.Silvia Hrebíková, Mgr.Luboš Maliňák
Economist: Ivan Bubeliny
Results, Timing: KK-Sporttiming - Kežmarok
technical equipment: Olympic club Liptov
health. security: Fire Brigade West Tatras - South


They start at their own risk and are responsible for their health
Conditional: Registration by September 15, 2019 at, hassle-free health,
Presentation: 20/09/2019, Hotel Koliba Greta, Liptovska Sielnica, until 5 pm, transfer of runners to the bus start at 17.30.

Entry fee:

12, - €, (to be paid on the day of the race during the presentation), after not registering by 15.9. starting fee 15, - €


email address:,

Guideline: It runs along the forest gravel road - Kvačianska valley (red and blue tourist mark),
turn will be on mills - Oblazy and back to the mouth of Kvacianska valley, distance 7 km,

Required: Head lamp
Description of the route: Start: Kvačianska valley (mouth) at an altitude of 660 m, the highest point Roháč 830 m above sea level, mill turn 740 m above sea level

Goal: Kvačianska valley (mouth) at an altitude of 660 m, the sum of ascents 260 meters, descent 260 meters.

Category: men overall ranking (no matter how old)
women absolute ranking (regardless of age)
veterans 40-49 years (1979 - 1970)
veterans 50-59 years (1969 - 1960)
veterans 40 years and older (1979 and older)

Protests: in writing with a deposit of 15, -euro hl. to the referee, within 30 min. after the publication of the preliminary. results
Prizes: First three in each category: 100 - 80 - 50 euro (all categories 1150, - €)
Results: 20.00 o'clock will be a statement in the Barn Koliba Greta L.Sielnica,
20.30 raffle draw (alpinist 1000, - €), presentation of scorpion marks Scarpa, Millet
21.00 Disco - Afterparty Greta.

Goulash included in the starting fee.

The organizer reserves the right to change the track and its profile due to force majeure,
changing rooms and toilets will be available in the Greta hut in Liptovska Sielnica, for personal belongings and luggage organizer
assumes no responsibility.

Accommodation: In your own tents, free caravan, in log cabins for a fee info:, 0911 897 078

Mgr. Roman Králik
race director

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