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Koliba Gréta
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Village Demänovská Dolina was established 1.8.1964 when it was all objects of tourism created a separate municipality with the local part of three wells, caves, Repiská, Lucky and clear.

Demänovská Dolina (in particular the cave) was inhabited in prehistoric times (indicate number of findings, such as the cave window). In some places here mined iron ore elsewhere were huts, shepherd's huts and houses lumberjack. After the First World War, they built the first weekend cottages.

Now is the best ski resorts in Eastern Europe with many attractions, miles of ski slopes and a perfect atmosphere worthy of Alpine resorts. Quantity lifts provide comfort for skiers. Trails are suitable for any skier, whether weaker performance, or professional.

Everyone will find that your ... Come and experience the best skiing with us ....

Distance from hotel: 23,7 km
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