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Koliba Gréta
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Paddleboarding at Koliba Gréta


Directly with us at Koliba Gréta you can experience group paddleboarding with a guide this summer.

Paddleboarding, also called SUP (stand-up-paddle) is a popular active water sport with which you can enjoy a lot of fun. At Koliba Gréta we offer you an organized paddleboard experience on Liptovská Mare under the guidance of a trained instructor (lasting approx. 120 minutes), including refreshments.

The activity is intended for groups of 2-5 people or an individual group of 10 people.

Group of 2 persons (25 € / person)

Group of 3-5 people (20 € / person)

Individual group up to 10 people (180 €)

Book in advance - the boarding place is on our beach at the end of the picnic meadow.

Every day at

10:00 14:00 17:00

Book seats at +421 915 847 977 or

Distance from hotel: 0,0 km
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