4,9 km

Waterfall Red Sands in Prosiecka valley

Prosiek / green brand / - crossroads at 1.45 pm SVORADA - turning Waterfall Red Sands 10min

Hiking trails
5,3 km

Kvačany - mill Oblazy

Kvačany - Kvačany Valley- Oblazy mills 1hour

Tourism, Hiking trails
9,7 km

Bešeňová Travertine

Hiking trails
14,0 km

Nature trail ZCR -Pavcina period Bodice 9.7 km

Bodice past the cemetery to the south on a dirt ceste- Pavčina period of 40 min

Tourism, Hiking trails
16,3 km

Lúčanský waterfall

Hiking trails
16,6 km

Jalovecká Valley

The village Jalovec - Jalovecká valley 4 km - Banik

Tourism, Hiking trails
18,6 km

Sliačske travertíny

Hiking trails
18,8 km

Janska Valley

Liptovský Ján - Liptovský Ján 2 hours, more types of the link

Tourism, Hiking trails
19,6 km

On mineral pine Sihote

Tourism, Hiking trails
20,5 km

gray top

Bobrovecká vápenica / green brand / - Cottage under Naruzim / blue brand / - Grey top 3,15hod

Tourism, Hiking trails
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