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Koliba Gréta
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village Bobrovec 11,3 km

Towns and villages

MUTTON - adrenaline, not only in Liptov 11,4 km

Adrenalin and sport, For children, service, Attractions, Fun

Village Liptovský Michal 11,4 km

Towns and villages

Bear Stolna 11,8 km

The only accessible old mining works in Liptov. An experience that you will long remember. This will take you places that a person with hard work created ...

Tourism, Caves

The village Trstené 11,9 km

Towns and villages

LIDL 11,9 km

service, Shopping Centres

Ski Bike Rental 12,7 km

Other, service

The village Ivachnová 12,9 km

Towns and villages

Cycling routes in Žiar-Western Tatras - Route 2 13,3 km

28 km Cross-L.Mikuláš Okolicne-Beňadiková-L.Ondrej 6 km - 17 km Račkova Valley-Pribylina-L.Hrádok-L.Mikuláš

Bicycle paths

Cycling routes in Žiar-Western Tatras - Route 3 13,3 km

30 km cross, L. Mikuláš- Okoličné--Žiar Smrečany-Žiarska valley home-juniper-Bobrovec-L.Mikuláš

Bicycle paths

Gothic church. Peter of Alcantara, L.Mikuláš-Okolicne 13,7 km

Churches around, Sight seeing, Religious buildings

Cycling routes in Bodice Low Tatras - Route 7 13,8 km

Bodice 20 km Pavčina period-Lazisko-Dubrava-Lube and sleep

Bicycle paths

Church Bodice 13,9 km

Mass Sunday 8:00 pm

Churches around, Religious buildings

Sheep shed -Bobrovec 13,9 km

Pastures and horses, For children, Attractions, Fun, Food, Nature Reservations

Ski School in the cat 14,0 km

Welcome to the ski school at the cat! We offer individual and group lessons for your little ones. Since we are a family hotel, we take care of your children ...

Skiing, Other, service

Nature trail ZCR -Pavcina period Bodice 9.7 km 14,0 km

Bodice past the cemetery to the south on a dirt ceste- Pavčina period of 40 min

Tourism, Hiking trails

Pension Maria - Bodice Demänová 14,0 km

Pension is built in rural style and offers comfortable accommodation and pleasant stay in typical rural dining room with a bar and a stylish wine bar, ...

Our property, For children, Attractions, Fun, Food

The village Partizánska? 14,6 km

Towns and villages

Horse riding Gazdáčik 15,6 km

Vitališovce, no web

Pastures and horses, For children, Attractions, Fun

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