10,8 km

Exposure Tatrín L.Mikuláš

Museums and galleries
10,8 km



10,9 km

Museum of Black Eagle L.Mikuláš

Museums and galleries
10,9 km

Boniface Hotel

Music & Caffee Boniface hotel is located in the historical center of. It is the starting point for experiences related to sports, culture and getting ...

Our property
11,0 km

Cycling routes Liptov

1. Oblazy mills / 6 km /; 2. Sucha Dolina / 12 km /, the third To Havranok / 25 km /, the fourth Around Liptovská Mara / 39 km / 6. DOLNOLIPTOVSKÁ / ...

Bicycle paths
11,0 km

Thermal Park Bešeňová

Thermal Park Bešeňová is located in Bešeňová, which is a small village. It located in an attractive tourist region Liptov, 10 km from the town of ...

Water parks, For children, service, Attractions, Fun, Wellness, Medical care, Food
11,1 km

Dental Emergencies

Tel: 044/562 00 72 Weekdays: 16:00 to 19:00 hrs. Sat - Sun, public holidays: 7.30-12.30hod

Medical care
11,3 km

village Bobrovec

Towns and villages
11,4 km

MUTTON - adrenaline, not only in Liptov

Adrenalin and sport, For children, service, Attractions, Fun
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