General terms and conditions - Hotel Koliba Greta

Liptovská Sielnica 270, 032 23 Liptovská Sielnica

Art. I.

Introductory provisions, purpose, scope

The purpose of these General Terms and Conditions (GTC) is to create a legal framework for relations between Hotel Koliba Greta *** in Liptovska Sielnica and its clients in order to ensure that the client is informed about the conditions of the provided services.

These general business terms form an integral part of any contract (agreement) that the hotel undertakes to provide the services and the client by paying the agreed price.

The legal relationship between Hotel Koliba Greta *** and clients resulting from the contract is governed by the provisions of the Commercial Code and other generally binding regulations of the Slovak Republic.

It is reasonable to assume that the client has become familiar with these general terms and conditions unless he proves that the access to them has been compromised by the fault of the hotel.

These general business terms and conditions are binding for Hotel Koliba Greta *** on the day of their publication and for the client at the time of booking the service.

Art. II.

Definition of terms

1. Client means any natural or legal person who signs a contract with the Hotel Koliba Greta *** for the provision of the service.

2. Hotel Koliba Greta *** means the operation of the manager: Anton Považský, in Liptovská Sielnica 270.

3. "Service" means any activity performed by Hotel Koliba Greta *** in accordance with its subject of business, but in particular accommodation, catering, wellness and congress services.

4. The group generally means 6 or more people who book accommodation at the same time of arrival and departure.

5. An event is a social event involving a larger number of people associated with the provision of several hotel services. Unless otherwise agreed, the ordering party is the organizer of the event.

6. The time of payment is the time when the beneficiary has the opportunity to dispose of the means paid, ie the day of crediting, taking over at the cash register,

7. Damage means actual damage and lost profits. Damage is replaced by money; however, if the requested party so requests and if possible replace the damage by entering it in the previous state.

Art. III.

Conclusion of the contract and limitation

1. The conclusion of a contract is understood to mean, in particular, the agreement on the provision of services between the client and Koliba Greta *** at the request of the client (hereinafter referred to as the Order). The order for the provision of services shall be agreed by the client personally, by telephone, in writing, by fax, via the Internet or by completing the booking form on the hotel page. The contract is a confirmation of the order by the hotel. The order must be confirmed in writing, fax or via the internet and must include: the name and surname of the customer, the name of the company with the exact address and business identification, the dates from the start and end of the service, the description of the service ordered, the invoice information for the invoice, in case of payment by credit card, the payment card is required as a payment guarantee.

2. By signing the contract, the hotel guarantees the client the service of the agreed extent and quality. Hotel Koliba Greta *** is also the right to request the payment of the agreed price.

3. In the case of group orders or recurring orders, the parties may conclude a written agreement in writing in writing. In the event that the Hotel Koliba Greta *** and the Client have concluded a written agreement, and in case of non-conformity of the contract or its part with GTC, the provisions of the contract prevail over these GTC. However, the validity of the GTC is not affected by this.

4. The contract may be concluded through an intermediary. If the hotel does not agree to a change in the person obliged to do so, the hotel is the obligatory person.

5. All hotel claims are time-barred for three years from the start of the prescription period. Claims for damages are time-barred two years after the day the injured person learns of the damage and who is responsible for it. Thereafter, the right to compensation shall be forfeit for three years and, in the case of damage caused intentionally, for ten years from the date on which the event giving rise to the damage occurred; this is not the case when it comes to damage to health.

Art. IV.

Accommodation services - individual clients

1. Hotel Koliba Greta *** is obliged to prepare the booked or booked rooms from 14:00 on the day of arrival. The client is entitled to an earlier arrival of the reserved room only if the Hotel Koliba Greta *** has agreed upon the signing of the contract.

2. The client is obliged to release the hotel room on the agreed day of departure and return the hotel room back to 10:00 am, unless otherwise agreed in advance. In case the client submits the room after this time, the hotel is entitled to charge accommodation for the next full day (100% full price of accommodation). The client's contractual claims are not established here. Hotel damage is not required.

3. The hotel is required to allow the client to save valuable objects or objects of high financial, social or intellectual value in a safe place (in the hotel safe). If the client does not use this right, the hotel is limited to any damage caused by loss, misuse, damage, misuse or otherwise.

4. The client's stay at the hotel regulates the rules of Hotel Koliba Greta ***. Individual orders are binding for hotel guests.

5. The client is obliged to check this properly and to report any deficiencies, inconsistencies or reservations immediately to the designated hotel staff. He is also obliged to proceed if he finds any damage to the room or his inventory.

6. In the event that Hotel Koliba Greta *** finds damage to the room after the transfer of the room to clients, this is a substitute for the damage.

7. The client is obliged to cancel the reservation of accommodation immediately after finding out that he or she will not use the accommodation.

8. Reserved rooms to which the client has not reached the latest by 18.00. on the day of arrival can leave the hotel to another. This is not valid unless a later arrival has been expressly agreed upon.

Art. IN.

Accommodation services - Groups

1. Unless otherwise provided in this Article, the provisions of Article IV shall apply to accommodation for groups. - Accommodation services - individual clients.

2. Option max. 30 days before boarding without a deposit, then a deposit of min. 50%, or cancellation by the service provider.

3. An option less than 30 days may have a 5% deviation from booked capacity within 7 days prior to boarding.

4. If the client is interested in a guaranteed reservation, the hotel may require a deposit of at least 50% of the total price of the reservation. The reservation is confirmed by the moment of payment of the deposit.

5. Option for 100% hotel capacity is possible only with 50% deposit

6. 7 days before arrival is cancellation 100%

Art. VI


1. As a result of a change in the scope of services provided for client's reasons, the hotel accepts a reduction of a pre-arranged contract price by no more than 10% when invoiced. The client's liability for possible ordered services beyond the original amount is unaffected.

2. Due to a change in the scope of services provided for client's reasons, it will provide an increase in the range of services according to its own options. The client does not have a legal right to increase the scope of services, but the hotel is obliged to do so with the care of a good trader.

3. If the number of participants is deviated by more than 5%, the hotel is entitled to unilaterally determine and set the price for the services, as well as to replace the confirmed rooms. However, the pre-agreed standard and technical equipment of the rooms must be preserved.

4. For events lasting longer than 22:00, the hotel may depart from 22.00. charge an extra service charge based on the services or goods provided unless the agreed remuneration no longer counts for longer than 22.00.

5. The organizer of the event is not in principle entitled to bring meals or drinks to the events. Exceptions require prior written agreement with the hotel. In such cases, the hotel is entitled to charge a service charge.

6. The organizer of the event and the ordering party guarantee the payment of additional ordered meals and drinks by participants of the event.

7. At events, the client is required to settle obligations towards copyright protection organizations. For any infringement of intellectual property rights, Hotel Koliba Greta *** will not be liable for any damages or sanctions, if any.

8. The organizer of the event and the client are obligated to inform the hotel without any invitation, even if the event is liable to violate public order and to restrict or jeopardize the interests of the hotel and other clients. The hotel is authorized to take measures to prevent such a condition and the client is obliged to take them.

9. Advertisements in print and electronic media, advertisements and announcements to the general public, in particular information on political, religious and commercial events that indicate a relationship with the hotel and are likely to damage the hotel's reputation or have parasitic features, previous written consent of the hotel.

10. If the hotel organizes, for the organizer of the event, on its own initiative, technical and other facilities from third parties, it acts in the name, on behalf of and on behalf of the organizer of the event. The organizer of the event frees the hotel from all claims of third parties to leave this facility.

11. The use of the electrical equipment of the organizer of the event when using electric or other cable wiring of the hotel requires his / her consent. The hotel reserves the right to charge separately machines and equipment that usually increase the cost of the media supply or hotel operation. If the use of these facilities results in malfunctions or damage to the hotel's technical facilities, the organizer of the event is obliged to pay the costs associated with their initial release. The hotel reserves the right, through its employees or third parties, to inspect these facilities and to prevent such a condition and the client is obliged to take them

12. The acquired decorative material and articles must comply with legal fire requirements. The hotel is entitled to request the opinion of the relevant public authorities. In order to prevent the occurrence of possible damage, the organizer is obliged to arrange the installation and location of the items in advance with the hotel.

13. The exhibited and other objects must be removed immediately after the event. In case of omission of this obligation, the hotel is entitled to charge for this rental during the stay of the items in the room. The hotel is also authorized to remove and store the account of the organizer of the event without a custody or safekeeping contract. The organizer of the event is obliged to pay the property and the damage caused by the accumulation of abandoned items. The obligation to pay damages is thus not affected.

14. At weddings for booking the term, we require a deposit in the amount of room rent. This deposit is irreversible.

15. A further deposit of 50% of the wedding cost is payable 6 months before the deadline. The cancellation fee is 50% 6 months before the deadline and 100% 3 months before the deadline.

Art. VII.

Prices for services

1. The client is obligated to pay the agreed price for the used services. This also applies to the hotel's services and expenses to third parties that the client has encouraged.

2. Unless otherwise agreed upon by the agreement, the agreed price to be paid by the client and the agreed services of the hotel are based on the valid price list of the Hotel. The price list is generated dynamically based on, the period of stay, the occupancy of the hotel, and the number of people and the age and number of children. The price affects the early or last minute purchase and length of stay.

3. The agreed prices are final and include value added tax. If the time between the conclusion of the contract and the provision of the service exceeds 3 months and the hotel charges generally charged for such services, the hotel may reasonably increase the contractually agreed price by a maximum of 5%.

4. Place of payment and payment is the seat of Koliba Greta *** Hotel.

5. The hotel is entitled to request a reasonable advance or advance payment upon the conclusion of the contract or, subject to legal provisions. For the advance payment and advance payment, the provisions of the following Articles shall be applied mutatis mutandis. The price is paid after the deposit has been paid.

6. Unless otherwise agreed in advance, the basis for invoicing the ordered and used services shall be the tax document - invoice, at the earliest on the day of the taxable transaction. This day is considered the day of departure of the customer from the premises of the hotel or the day when he took over all the services ordered from him. The invoice must contain the usual commercial terms. In the event of doubt, it is assumed that the due date begins on the third day of the delivery of the tax document (invoices) for delivery to the ordering party.

7. The invoice is due at the latest 14 days after the taxable transaction date. In the event that the client pays a prepayment for services provided in the amount of at least 30% of the total calculated price, the invoice maturity is 14 days from the taxable transaction date. This obligation is met by crediting the appropriate amount in favor of the provider's account.

8. In the event that the client is in default, he is required to pay default interest at the rate of 0.05% of the due amount for each day of delay. Claims for damages are therefore not affected. If the client is in delayed payment, he / she loses the entitlement to the discounts provided and Hotel Koliba Greta *** is entitled to invoice the full standard price without discount. In this case, the client is obliged to reimburse the Hotel Koliba Greta *** for all the costs incurred for the provided services without the use of discounts and benefits.

9. The client may only count against the claim of the hotel an indisputable or valid claim. The same is true if it is a partial credit.

10. In the event of a fault in the system for calculating the price of the hotel, the Koliba Greta reserves the right to contact the client and agree the correct price or the client has the right to cancel.

Art. VIII.

Withdrawal, cancellation, cancellation by clients

1. In case the client withdraws from the contract, he is obliged to pay the contractor a contractual fine (also a cancellation fee). The cancellation fee is determined by the ratio to the amount of the total agreed price (with the exception of the term New Year's Eve (26.12.-9.1.2015)), as follows:

a) 28 days before the service is provided - no cancellation fee

b) from 28 - 21 days before the service - 20% of the total price,

c) from 20 - 14 days before the service - 30% of the total price,

d) from 13 - 8 days before the service - 50% of the total price,

e) from 7 days and on the day of service - 100% of the total price,

f) on the day of the provision of the service and in case of shortening of the stay - 100% of the total amount of canceled services.

2. Cancellation fee valid for stays in the New Year's Eve:

a) over 45 days before the service is provided - no cancellation fee

b) from 45 - 40 days before the service - 20% of the total price,

c) 39-30 days before the service - 30% of the total price,

d) from 29 - 20 days before the service - 50% of the total price,

e) from 19 days, on the day the service is provided and in the case of shortening the stay - 100% of the total price of the provided services

3. In the event that the client pays a prepayment for services rendered in the amount of at least 50% of the total calculated price, the cancellation fee is 100% of the amount of the advance paid in case of cancellation of the reservation on the day of commencement of stay.

4. The circumstances of vis major do not have an impact on the obligation to pay the cancellation fee. By paying a cancellation fee to our clients, Hotel Koliba Greta *** waives claims for other damages even if these exceed the cancellation fee.

Art. IX.

Hotel resignation

1. The hotel is entitled to withdraw from the contract only if:

· This right was agreed in writing with the client and for the reasons stated in the contract,

· The client does not insist on performance by the hotel,

· The client has obligations to the hotel after the due date,

· A prepayment or advance payment was agreed upon reservation and the client did not meet his / her commitment in due time, however, the hotel can withdraw at the latest by the moment the client's obligation is met,

· Force majeure or other circumstances for which the hotel does not comply, rendering the contract impossible,

· Rooms were reserved for misleading or incorrect data, in the person of the client or purpose,

· The hotel has reasonable grounds to believe that the use of hotel services could jeopardize the smooth operation of the hotel, the safety or the seriousness of the hotel in the public, without being attributable to the owner or, the organization of the hotel.

2. If the client has paid a reasonable advance payment or an advance payment of at least 50%, the hotel is entitled to withdraw from the contract only if:

· This right was agreed in writing with the client and for the reasons stated in the contract,

· The client does not insist on performance by the hotel,

· Force majeure or other circumstances for which the hotel does not comply, make the fulfillment of the contract impossible.

3. There is no claim for compensation from the client when the hotel is entitled to leave.

Art. X

Guarantees and damages

1. The hotel is responsible for the care of the proper trader for its obligations under the contract.

2. Claims for damages by the client are only admissible in cases of health damage when the hotel is liable for breach of obligations and damages based on deliberate or grossly negligent violation of the hotel's obligations under the contract or by law. The client is obliged to contribute appropriately to the elimination of the error and the reduction of possible damages.

3. The hotel is responsible for damages caused to posted or deferred items which were or were lodged by clients, except otherwise. Things that were reserved for the accommodation or storage of things or which were handed over to one of the hotel staff were submitted.

4. For hotel jewelry, money and other valuables, the hotel only costs up to € 332. The right to damages ceases to exist if it has not been applied no later than the fifteenth day following the day on which the injured party became aware of the damage.

5. If the client has a place to park the vehicle in the hotel parking lot, even for a fee, there is no escrow contract. In case of loss or damage to the hotel grounds of parked or displaced motor vehicles and their contents, the hotel does not warrant, except intention or gross negligence.

6. Exercise services are performed by the hotel with the utmost care. Messages, postal items and goods for guests are always treated with care. The hotel will take delivery and custody and - on request for payment the mission mentioned above.

7. The hotel is not responsible for accidents at events, programs of any kind, unless the hotel acts grossly negligently or deliberately.

Art. XI


1. Pets are allowed only upon prior agreement of the hotel and chargeable.

2. Findings are sent only on request. Stored in the hotel for six months. At the end of this period, objects of obvious value shall be handed over to the competent public authority.

Art. XII.


1. All documents relating to legal relationships established between the hotel and the client shall be served:

· personally,

· By post,

· A third party authorized to deliver the consignment.

2. All documents relating to any legal relationship established between the hotel and the client are to be delivered to the registered address of the hotel and address of the client's permanent address or registered address. Where a hotel-client relationship is maintained, each participant is required to notify the other participant of any change of its registered office or permanent residence under the principles set out in this Article within three days of the change of residence or permanent residence.

3. If the client does not receive the document at the address stated in the order and this is the same as his / her address entered in the business register or other register, the document is deemed to have been delivered to the sender three days after it is returned, even if the addressee does not know it . All legal effects served on documents will arise in this case on the date on which the document is deemed to have been served.

4. If the client does not receive the document at the address stated in the order and this is not the same as his / her address registered in the business register or other register, the sender is obliged to deliver the document repeatedly to the address of the subscriber registered in the business register or other register. Such delivery shall be governed by point 3 of this Article in its entirety.

Art. XIV

Final provisions

1. Any disputes arising out of a contractual relationship shall be binding on the Contracting Parties to deal with the Agreement as a matter of priority.

2. The hotel and the client note that any disputes that may arise between them in connection with the legal relationship will be governed by the law of the Slovak Republic and according to the Slovak legal order. The courts of the Slovak Republic are competent to resolve any disputes. Implementation of the Vienna Agreement on the UN's Purchasing Right from Collision Law is ruled out.

3. Provisions in favor of an external element contained in conflict-of-law rules are only admissible if it is a mandatory provision.

4. Changes or additions to a written contract or business terms and conditions require a written form for their effectiveness, and the validity of any amendments is subject to the written statement of the Hotel. Unilateral changes or additions to clients are ineffective.

5. The exclusive seat of the court - even in disputes for checks and bills - is in the business premises of the hotel.

6. If the individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions have been or become ineffective or invalid, this does not affect the effectiveness of the other provisions.

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